What database area type must i use to keep webpages (html, pdf, text) files within the same area? nvarchar(max)?

Use VARBINARY(MAX). NVARCHAR is just for Unicode content, which will not handle Ebooks well whatsoever.

You would use VARBINARY(MAX) or NVARCHAR(MAX), with respect to the kind of data being saved and what you would like related to it. Should you likely to store files (so it seems like, particularly with mixed extensions), use VARBINARY(MAX). You are able to full-text index off that data type too -- although PDF's require one more iFilter (a minimum of it did with this SQL Server 2005 instance -- it might be there automatically in 2008).

Bear in mind that you won't want to use IMAGE, as that data type (together with TEXT and NTEXT) is deprecated and it is being removed inside a future version of SQL Server. Here's the link about this.

Hope this can help.

VARBINARY(MAX). If you are using SQL Server 2008, then FILESTREAM can also be a choice that needs to be considered. Based on Microsoft's recommendations, consider FILESTREAM when:

  • Objects which are being saved are, on average, bigger than 1 Megabytes.
  • Fast read access is essential.
  • You're developing programs that make use of a middle tier for application

Would like to hear the needs for that project that introduced this project up.