How to get backup of SQL Server 2008 system to local client system?

Please give procedure

This link provides you with helpful information in regards to what options/parameters are for sale to copying your database.

Which link will explain what you ought to do. Example A demonstrates how to look out onto a drive and directory.

It is possible, but it is awkward and you will do not have the permissions you must do it anyway. In many conditions, it is a lot simpler to complete what others have recommended: create a backup around the server itself in order to personal files server, then copy the file from that place to your workstation.

But when you will need to do it and when you will find the right permissions (and network access) then it can be done the following:

  1. Produce a share in your local workstation
  2. Provide the necessary share and/or NTFS permissions towards the MSSQL service account
  3. Make use of the BACKUP command using the UNC road to the proportion

More particulars about permissions and copying to UNC pathways have been in the documentation.

It could be completed in by doing this:

  • Pre: There's SQL Server installed somewhere in company (SQL1)

    1. Install SQL Server Express in your local machine (SQL2)
    2. Install SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) Express in your local machine
    3. Start SSMS and fasten to SQL1 and appearance the dwelling
    4. Start SSMS and fasten to SQL2 and make same structure
    5. Start Posting Tool, choose SQL1 as source and SQL2 as destination and import all data you'll need
    6. You can now make an update of the local SQL Server (SQL2)
    7. Finished

Possibly this really is helpful.