Some time back i was moving our reasonably popular forum to a different devoted server (with similar host), and that we observed something strange. In the beginning we used the brand new server to host only the database because this was the greatest problem. Then later we moved the forum files and transformed the dns for that domain.

Whenever we think back in the bandwidth used we have seen this for that bytes sent through the server:

database use: 100k/sec  
whole forum use: 25k/sec

Note: bytes received through the server remained really low throughout.

Same with it normal for any forum database to make use of 4 occasions more network traffic then your server really transmits to the consumer? It may sound very inefficient in my experience, like asking for a lot more than precisely what it takes in the database, but this is actually the latest version of vBulletin we are speaking about here.

vBulletin may use large number of traffic between webserver and database. They suggest you take a entered cat6 ethernet-cable on the devoted Gbit-NIC involving the servers if this.

I'd say it's bad design (maybe since the do more logic within the application layer compared to the database) where they choose much more data compared to what they really give the customer.

And So I would say it's normal for vBulletin, although not normal in many other software-solutions.

Should you google in regards to this problem In my opinion you'd find many people with similar problem.


In case your hosting measures bandwidth improperly, you may finish up having to pay for large amount of internal traffic too, not awesome :)

Seems like scenario, where MySQL is treated as though it were flat-file, and data logic is incorporated in the PHP, not within the SQL.

It's very inefficient. Correctly written SQL should return precisely the data you would like and also the methods for such transfers happen to be designed to be really efficient. Your application then adds on HTML, javascript, bitmaps etc. and really should therefore generate a minimum of double the amount traffic in comparison using the database.

Maybe the database return UTF-16 and also you show UTF-8 pages?