We're presently along the way of strengthening a database change management process. We run MySql 5 running on RedHat 5. I've selected LiquiBase because the tool since it is free and enables us to grow its functionality later as needed. Additionally, it appears to become among the couple of free projects which are still active. Has anybody here had any experience using LiquiBase or any other Db versioning tools?

Company Background: We're an SaaS company supplying a 7/24 located application. You will find a large number of instances running different versions of the identical database and that we need a method to manage the deploy process as it is beginning to get away from control. The databases have 100s of tables and that we typically do releases once every 3 several weeks.

Doctrine, a PHP ORM/DBAL offers Migrations, doing what you would like.

The Doctrine migration package enables you to definitely easily improve your production databases via a nice programmatic interface. The alterations are completed in a way to ensure that your database is versioned and you will walk backwards and forwards with the database versions.

I might be biased since i have began LiquiBase, but I've been utilizing it being produced conditions for quite some time and there has been many, many occasions where releases will be a nightmare without them. LiquiBase has developed to be really flexible and effective and that i haven't went right into a situation that it hadn't been equipped to handle (in some way) for quite a while.

The final code release contained of the project I'm focusing on using LiquiBase contained a significant database refactoring with 100s of database changes and must be put on a number of installations which had different beginning points for that database. Whenever we did the discharge, the databases up-to-date with no problems.

Allow me to refer you to definitely probably the most advance database change management tool - this really is Working together of dbMaestro that from things i gather does exactly the thing you need. Howevever, I don't know if the method is just for Oracle at this time... pleace discover for yourself.