I'm running on php.
As well as in my local I'm focusing on home windows atmosphere therefore it was simple to connect with MS Access Database using ODBC connector.

But on my small live server atmosphere there's Linux so there's an issue concerning the DB connection.

What exactly would be the steps for connecting to MS Access DB in Linux atmosphere using php.


This is not directly responding to your question either, but it's a different way to solve the issue of attempting to use Use of update web data:

You are able to port your Access database to MySQL around the live (web) server, and employ Access because the frontend to that particular database for the user (essentially flipping the roles from the website and Access):

You are able to connect with the MySQL database from Access over ODBC while using MySQL Connector driver, connecting the tables into Access using the "Exterior Data" tools. This way, you receive a (more) serious database engine, enhanced for that web, but retain your user's capability to manipulate the information with tools familiar for them.

I haven't labored with access in Linux but a fast search provided this.

Microsoft Access Database using Linux and PHP

Personally I'd recommend porting to some DBMS that creates both Home windows and Linux. But when you need to stick to access, you may take a look at:

http://www.unixodbc.org/ or http://www.openlinksw.com/

If you're on hosting that is shared the Linux server will most most likely lack ODBC support. You'll be best using SQLite, since which will focus on Linux and Home windows (and OS X) with no major problems using PHP...