I've got a table that stores articles. Content is for auction on table and sorted - DESC - by dateCreated.

dateCreated column signifies the time and date user has published/produced the content. It's fixed and mustn't be transformed.


Through the days, old articles usually eventually ends up in far pages. However, the consumer has the risk of thumping his article to the top table on first page. Since i am ordering the articles by dateCreated, which should not be transformed, how do i bump the content without altering dateCreated?

My Solution - I am unsure if it is a high quality one or otherwise (i want suggestions):

Create another column known as bumpDate. When user posts articles, date/time is going to be placed into dateCreated and bumpDate. The articles around the gridview is going to be sorted by bumpDate. When user bumps his article, i only update bumpDate. Therefore, user's article ,no matter dateCreated date, is going to be on the top. Progressively, the content goes lower through the days depending the number of new articles published by other customers.

Would you use whatever glitches within this design/solution?

That which you have layed out is when individuals situations are typically done. While BumpDate is probably not the very best title (performs this truly represent the act of "thumping", or did they are doing another thing like modifying it?), that's what you need to use.

I do not use whatever real difficulties with what you're suggesting, only possible factor is always to try to utilize an INT value rather than a DateTime (4 bytes versus 8 bytes) if you are planning to possess a Large amount of data, otherwise I'd perform the same factor you're suggesting.

I would suggest trying an action named udate because it is more Peaceful and standards based.
Use 'update' action, attribute 'update_date' and add another area for 'last_action'. You'll be able to do both chooses and sorts in line with the two fields.