I am searching for a document/text/book concerning the database design standards, so far I have found this but it's a custom algorithm about design, I want something similar to an IEEE standard or such.

Thanks ahead of time.

So far as I understand there's no such factor being an official IEEE standard regarding database design. However there's the Entity-Relationship-Model and also the theory of database normalization. For that more mathematically inclined there's relational algebra.

It's also common to create a distinction between physical, logical and conceptual schemata in database design. What's most significant section of individuals 3 would also determine with what type of material you ought to be considering.

This is actually the book I made use of a couple of years back after i initially discovered database design in class: http://www.amazon.com/Database-System-Concepts-Abraham-Silberschatz/dp/0073523321/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1279133097&sr=1-1

For online investigation, make certain you consider "3rd normal form" designs for the databases. It enables which are more versatility and maintenance.