Like a Java Developper using JPA/Hibernate, I'm searching for a can help diff a database that's been produced by Hibernate having a production database.

I have already checked out LiquiBase's capabilities LiquiBase quite nice... Unfortunlately it's affected by some strange bugs:

  • Re-Create Foreign Secrets for pointless
  • Re-Create Indexes for pointless

I am unsure of it's Liquibase's fault around the JDBC Driver Implementation that aren't in conjuction with the specs. I'd be most likely be affected through the same issues basically even attempted to unveil my very own.

I'm searching for a non Java-based solution that will support:

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • DB2

Perhaps you have checked out ModelRight?

If you need to simply diff or "patch" data values (not structure), then Free DiffKit will handle this nicely for you personally: