Whenever I open among the Quantum Grid demos in Delphi XE Professional (on Home windows 7 32-bit), the next error is displayed for each table (I believe) within the project:

error message

The content is:

Network initialization failed.
File or directory does not exist.
Permission denied.
Directory: C:\.

I realize permission issues conntacting c:, but as a result as i can take shape and run the demo projects, no information is displayed, making the demos rather useless. And what type of database creates its configuration to c: directory these days anyway? :) (Yes, I understand hardly any about Paradox databases, however i will not be one either. Among the finest to understand ways to use the power grid.)

Using BDE Administrator I have attempted altering the Paradox "Internet DIR" value to some folder with write permissions around the C drive. Result: the database tables cannot find their data:

Path not found.
File: C:..\..\Data\GENRES.DB.

...and also the unhelpfully cut down path gives no indication in which the files are required to become.

It is possible to method to deal with the issue to ensure that the demos can load their sample data properly?

Have you install the BDE properly? It will make use of the DBDEMOS files. Would you see this kind of alias within the BDE administration utility? Are you able to open that database within the Delphi demos?

The BDE isn't a XXI century database, it had been developed two decades ago rather than upgraded recently. This is an obsolete tecnology, but since it comes still with every discharge of Delphi having a known database it's still frequently utilized in demos because not new needs to be installed.

Anyway that file isn't its configuration file. It is a discussing lock file to permit several user to make use of the database at the same time. Since it is personal files based database with no central server, it needs to use such type of shared files. Usually its position is transformed to some network share, however it defaults to C: for historic reasons.

Anyway it is not only the BDE still trying to create within the prong sites. I still visit a full couple of programs trying to create to C: (especially logs) or any other read-only positions.

Using BDE Admin to alter the place for PDOXUSRS.Internet assisted, however it wasn't sufficient. DevExpress did the best factor in indicating a family member folder for that data location, and also the relative folder appears perfectly allright, but for whatever reason the DB aren't able to find it.

Solution: underneath the Demos folder find all of the *.dfm files which contain the string


and replace that string using the absolute road to the demos folder. So now, all of the demos open properly.