I want my database to become secure just in case from the hard disk being stolen.

I haven't seen many databases (even mainstream ones) declaring to aid file encryption.

  • Do everyone are conscious of any databases that support file encryption?
  • If I am utilizing a database that does not support file encryption, could it be an awful idea to secure data natively (using java file encryption libraries, for instance)? Would this potentially result in a problem for databases with strongly typed fields?
  • The other solutions are for sale to encrypting my database?

Please tell me.

Thanks ahead of time, jbu

Perhaps you should want to secure your whole hard drive. This is accomplished natively in the filesystem level.

It uses the home windows qualifications to secure it. So, even when your whole computer is stolen, your computer data remains safe and secure.

The stealer will need to reformat the drive to make use of it.

Obviously, in case your computer use auto-login, it isn't a choice for you personally.

HTH, even when it's not just a database file encryption solution.

MS SQL Server 2008 certainly supports it. Not too sure about older versions.

Both Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle have support for database file encryption. SQL Server 2008 adds Transparent Data File encryption which didn't appear in SQL Server 2005 which only supported cell level file encryption.

Oracle has support for something known as Transparent File encryption and delay pills work having a wallet.

Possibly because of our implementation, we was without success by using it. We went into issues where once ANY credentialed user (ie. one using the wallet entry) utilized the information, it had been open for those individuals which had use of the table. In case your problem is just for file encryption at relaxation, this may meet your needs (you would like to verify in Oracle's documentation it does secure at relaxation) - if you want encoded transmission in/from the DB, I am not sure this is exactly what you are after.

All nevertheless - I believe using a solution like the hard disk-level file encryption recommended in another publish is most likely more in your sweet zone, given your question.

Disclaimer: I'm not a DBA by trade, in order to offer only this in the experience we'd using the Oracle technology. I work on a lot of money 500 company, and that we certainly had the best kinds of people searching in internet marketing.

Fujitsu and Samsung sell hard disk drives that contain the file encryption in the hard disk level. I'm not sure if they are a choice for the problem.

Sybase SQL Anywhere supports both 128-bit and 256-bit AES file encryption.

If you're searching for a great embedded database that supports file encryption, I'd recommend SQLCipher*, the industry version of SQLite that delivers transparent database file encryption under a wide open source license. The apparent use situation is within mobile and stand-alone programs.

*Full disclosure: I am around the dev team.

SQL Compact DBs offer file encryption as they are by providing them your password.

http://blogs.msdn.com/stevelasker/archive/2008/05/14/security-and-file encryption-for-sql-server-compact.aspx

Unsure whether it's a choice for you personally, however the developer of SQLite sells versions from the library that utilize encoded database backends: http://www.hwaci.com/sw/sqlite/prosupport.html#crypto.