Unsure if this sounds like the correct spot to publish this, but I have seen queries about ISBN databases, and so i thought it might be appropriate.

During my website, I intend allow my customers to choose from all of the US college/colleges (community or college institutes). I'd then store their selection inside a database.

In the beginning I figured about permitting these to input the title themselves, but saw some difficulties with that. I attempted to search for a database of some kind, but all I discovered were search engines like google to locate a specific college.

I had been wishing to locate a database can one export to my very own database (SQL Server) and also have customers search my very own database.

Has anybody run into this problem and located an acceptable solution?

It is really an old question, however i desired to publish the solution for individuals who find this site.

This will have the desired effect: http://ope.ed.gov/accreditation/GetDownloadFile.aspx

It is a csv and xls file of all of the accredited colleges in america. It comes down to 22,800 rows and thinning it distinctively by title brings it lower to around 9,000.


A couple of different links that might help:

AllAboutUni.com is really a one-stop portal which supports you choose your future college. We would like you to identify a college or college in which you will be at liberty, and where there's a great mixture of academic support, extracurricular activities, safety and friendliness.

searching for 'list people universities' provides me with lots of hits.
you might have a textbox which enables these to go into the title themselves but offers autocomplete functionality which helps them in inputing a string that is a precise match to 1 inside your database (kind of like how facebook autocompletes the friend search on top right)
when the user ignores this and identifies a mystery string, you can either add this new string for your database or refuse, stating that they ought to request the admin to include it on their behalf after which repeat the process

You are able to mix both of these by getting searching box with auto complete, when the input query doesn't match, indicate if they would like to add this into database. You may create a table in database to carry each one of these contributions plus they will not get put into their email list before you decide to or someone approve it.