I'm searching for a database that we may use to keep data about certain stock over several years. There'll most likely be considered a couple of 1000 records. I'm writing a credit card applicatoin in Java and Clojure that will take out data out of this local database when needed to show the information.

I'm wondering if anybody understood of the good database to utilize for this function? I have only knowledge about MySQL running around the server side.

Which database could be simplest to utilize in Clojure and Java for local storage?



JDK 6 and greater comes bundled up with Java DB which adequate to use situation.

I've use Apache Derby for the same application (although written mostly in Java). They've been running it for nearly 4 years now, and carried out a lot more than 60,000 transactions by using it without any major problems. (just the periodic bug on my small part).

Derby is identical database as JavaDB, though Derby its simpler to help keep on the releases as possible just include it as being an addiction, instead of wait around the whim of once the next JDK rev is being released. Also, IIRC, JavaDB is just incorporated with JDK, not the JRE.

With this type of small-scale application it will likely be simplest should you pick one of the numerous good embedded Java databases.

My own top options would most likely be:

  • H2 - most likely the very best performance pure Java database overall, and when you think their benchmarks then its substantially faster than MySQL and even other databases when run in one machine atmosphere.
  • Apache Derby - good all rounder, mature and well supported (Oracle have incorporated a version top quality as Java DB in recent JDKs)

Next, you need to have the ability to rely on them pretty easily while using standard JDBC toolset, so very little not the same as MySQL.

If you are following a great DSL for interfacing with SQL databases with Clojure, you need to certainly also have a look at Korma.

With respect to the character of the data and application as well as your readiness and/or constraints when controling a brand new database modality, you could also be thinking about among the document-oriented databases, MongoDB or CouchDB. In case your data and application are SQL oriented, use among the databases recommended.