During my data have a lot special figures values and I wish to place all of the database but following would be the issues that we face..

After I add the records into database its goes OK and it is displayed OK however when I generate XML it's through an excessive amount of error I check almost many functions of PHP but nothing work even nobody works .. and so i want to place the records within the database that have individuals special figures error not comes.

So when I merely write the XML its write although not ignore individuals special figures its originates in XML also .. please recommend me can you really place the information and only some strategies to display and email the XML correctly

I personally use PHP, MYSQL, XML

If you're to include values towards the DB which have special figures inside it, use mysql_real_escape_string(). I believe it will be can be really helpful inside your situation.

Most likely, make use of utf-8, or convert your encoding properly, and it is more suitable to make use of CDATA tag in XML. What encoding would you use for the figures? The particular solution would rely on the particulars that you simply did not provide.

You have to make sure that from finish to finish you are utilizing the same encoding. Smartest choice in my experience is UTF-8.

You have to consider : - the charset of the database (easy to understand increase with phpmyadmin for example) - this content-kind of you website :

<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">
  • and also the xml encoding too

    <xml version="1." encoding="UTF-8" ?>

Out of your description, gradually alter see which encoding can be used because of your website as well as your xml file. I believe you will find the wrong xml encoding (or no encoding set).