Can there be in whatever way of utilizing database migrations with Joomla? I am searching for a mechanism such as the one present in Rails or Symfony.

I must apply changes towards the database whenever my model changes, e.g. adding a column, developing a new relationship, shedding some tables,...

In this question, the recognized answer appears just like a very awesome option, but I'm not sure if there's something specific to Joomla.


If you wish to improve your own component's DB schema you are able to make reference to the next thread:

If you want just migrations without components, check these stand alone solutions:

I am working in a lot with Joomla for functionnalities implementations and also the model changes are created by sql queries mostly or via phpMyAdmin.

Also we don't changes the type of joomla tables (core or plug ins one) since the source code without modifications won't handle the alterations. We're only adding tables using exterior ids (like jos_customers id).

Futhermore should you alter the type of joomla tables, you won't have the ability to update it (or even the plug ins influenced) easily.