From Ruby on Rails I have discovered an appropriate and incredibly workable method of doing database migrations.

Wouldso would one handle such cases in Qt4? It need not be that elaborated as Rails' solution. I'd be fine with running SQL and code clips to increase or lower the version listing of my data.

I researched a bit but there appears to become no standard solution. There even appears to become nobody who scratched his mind before. It appears like everyone implements their very own concept of how to achieve that.

Can there be anybody interested or focusing on a typical solution and prefer to share efforts? And maybe even includes a working implementation? I am considering the concept to possess such like such as the information_schema table in Rails and allow the application operate a wizard to up- or downgrade the database (and perhaps offer to perform a backup/dump first), or as the second option just run the migration without wizard, maybe only a handy progressbar.

QDjango may you want, it's mimic of django database ORM