I am associated with a SQL / .Internet project that'll be searching through a listing of names. I am searching for a method to return some results on similar first names of individuals. If trying to find "Tom" the outcomes would come with Thom, Thomas, etc. It's not important whether this be considered a file or perhaps a web service. Example Design:

Table "Names" has Name and NameID
Table "Nicknames" has Nickname, NicknameID and NameID

Example output:

You searched for "John Smith"
You show results Jon Smith, Jonathan Smith, Johnny Smith, ...

What are the databases available (public or compensated) suitable for this kind of task to populate rapport between nicknames and names?

I am adding another source for anybody who results in this via Google. This project provides an excellent research for this function.


It's somewhat simpler and fewer complete than pdNickName but however it's free and simple to use.

A search on "Database of Nicknames" switched up pdNickName (for pay).

Additionally, I believe you simply require a single table with this job, not two, with NameID, Title, and MasterNameID. All of the nicknames enter in the Title column. One title is the "canonical" one. All of the nickname records make use of the MasterNameID column to suggest to that record, using the canonical title pointing to itself.

Your two table schema consists of no more information and, for the way you complete the nickname table, you will need extra code to handle canonical cases.

There's a database available known as pdNicknames (available at http://www.peacockdata2.com/items/pdnickname/). It consists of all you need, for around $500.

I simply found this website.

It appears as if you could script it pretty easily.


I simply really wish i could auto narrow this to british..

To choose similar sounding title use: (see MSDN)