I must produce a database with three tables

one for country then Condition and metropolitan areas

My Country table is alright.

But i wish to include all states of america to my condition table and all sorts of major metropolitan areas of every condition in the usa to my city table.

i would like such database to ensure that i'm able to import my database

i want only major metropolitan areas.

it is possible to site i'm able to download or copy such things , exactly according to my requirement

Help me i am not discovering it within the exact way..


That one is free of charge however, you may finish up writing a ripper tools code or something like that to transfer the entire list into Database.


I am sure you could discover something having a web search e.g. "database major metropolitan areas USA". For instance, I discovered this in page one of search engine results ... if you're able to manage to invest $20.

Wikipedia has a listing people Metropolitan areas having a population more than 100,000 people. Does that meet your meaning of "major"? If that's the case, check it out.