I wish to produce a database on my small iMac to be able to store contacts aswell as other data inside a structured hierarchy.. i have to have the ability to access and add/edit/remove records about this database from exterior products (iPad, apple iphone, mac laptop, other computer systems, etc) via Wi-fi compatability (i.e. when an ipad is attached to the wireless network the server is on, it will have the ability to edit the databases)

Getting investigated the subject I've only found one possible software which i can use.. It's known as filemaker server.


What if only to understand is whether or not you will find every other appropriate options to filemaker?

Any fact is much appreciated! :)

Unsure that which you mean by "along with other data inside a structured hierarchy" It's a little all-encompassing? -)

If price is the problem then, have you contemplated using Apple's Server software? It ought to be low as chips ($49) when Lion ships, also it includes wikis, shared contacts etc. editable using a web interface.

However, for simplicity of use, FileMaker server is unequalled. It calculates from the box, across Apple computers, iOS products (using FileMaker Go) as well as over the internet (although for your you will need the FileMaker Professional advanced version.

Otherwise, you are searching at OpenSource mysql/php based software programs that are platform agnostic, and can operate in any browser. Should you choose follow this path, take a look at getting MAMP to complete the heavy-lifting - makes establishing the PHP and MySQL stuff a doddle.

You do not need to purchase Server if you are likely to have 9 or less remote products hooking up. Note that you need to have a copy of FileMaker Professional running (together with your databases open) to be able to serve these remote connections. Server is much more robust and enables for 100s of clients with better admin abilities for automated backup copies but comes in a steeper cost. You'll still have to purchase client copies no matter hosting via FM Professional or FM Server.