It is indeed my very first time I develop on Mac OS.

Can anybody advise a client side DB on Mac OS?

A Database that actually works exactly the same on Home windows and MAC could be great...

I am not really a MAC developer, and can your requirement fit SQLite? Here is a tutorial on Getting Began.

I would recommend mysql or postgresql.

I've discovered a DB SQLite which appears to become a gud solution, am focusing on it :-

Using the Mac, you're entering another world. It's not easy to go tha works exactly the same in 2 different Galaxies. Should you opt for that requirement, then you're essentially restricted to what will come in the Windoze/Linux market (that is many years behind the Mac).

FileMaker is the greatest undoubtedly. Ignore writing code, in SQL or other things. Everything, all functions, using a very mature GUI. The applying can also be Full GUI.

PostgreSQL is definitely an abomination. Check SO yourself for problem posts. It's the latest version of Ingres, that was horrible.

MySQL isn't a server architecture, really.