Im presently focusing on a website that will have a items catalog. I'm a little a new comer to database design so I am searching for suggestions about just how to get this done. I'm acquainted with relational database design and so i understand "many to a lot ofInch or "someone to many" etc (required a great db class attending college). Here's a good example of how much of an item may be categorized as:

Propeller -> aircraft -> wood -> brand -> product.

Rather than attempting to write things i have to date, simply take a fast understand this image I produced in the phpmyadmin designer feature.

alt text

Now, all of this appeared good, until I recognized the category "wood" would also be employed under propeller -> airboat -> (wood). This could mean, that "wood" would need to be recreated each time I wish to utilize it within different parent. This is not the finish around the globe, however i desired to determine if there's a far more optimal approach to take relating to this.

Also, I'm attempting to keep this factor as dynamic as you possibly can therefore the client can organize his catalog as his needs change.

*Edit. Was considering just developing a "tags" table. And So I could assign the tag "wood" or "metal" or "50inch" to at least one to a lot of products. I'd still have a raising a child type factor for that primary groups, but by doing this the groups wouldnt need to go so deep there wouldnt function as the repetition.