Scenario: There's a hierarchy of PROCESS. Like

PR-2, PR-3 are children of Pr-1,

PR-4, PR-5 are children of PR-2

The leaf processes (in our case PR-3, PR-4 and PR-5 could be referred to when it comes to number of ACTIVITY

Now, ACTIVITY is simply a child of PROCESS but has additional characteristics, so

Must I make two diff. tables within the database (one for ACTIVITY and something for PROCESS)?


Must I then add fields (for added characteristics of ACTIVITIY) within the PROCESS table and keep ACTIVITY in PROCESS table.

=================================== EDITED ======================================

Really, here PROCESS AND ACTIVITY would be the a person's that involved with Beats per minute (Businees Process Management)

Individuals who've understanding of Beats per minute can evaluate which ACTIVITY AND PROCESS are.

Individuals that do not know BPM, I explain you what i'm saying by PROCESS and ACTIVITY.

Any enterprise has various PROCESSes (like CustomerOrderPlaced, CustomerOrderCancelled etc.) and ACTIVITies are just like areas of a procedure which should be carried out to accomplish the procedure.

So, ACTIVITY is really a child of PROCESS with a few extra characteristics.

Or when it comes to Java, ACTIVITY stretches PROCESS

The moment you say "ACTIVITY are just like parts of the process", "ACTIVITY stretches PROCESS" is no more a legitimate statement. It isn't an is-rapport. It is a has-rapport.

In ER terms there's a 1-to-many relationship between Process and Activity. Or maybe a many-to-many relationship if a person Activity goes to multiple Processes.

For instance, CustomerPlacesOrder is really a Process. Those Activities are:

  • Customer fills shopping cart software
  • Customer inspections out
  • Customer makes its way into delivery and billing info, signing up if required
  • Worker receives order
  • When the products have been in stock, the staff member chooses a suitable packing container and fills it
  • Worker send it around the daily shipping.

Or however complicated you need to get. Inheritance this isn't.

You ought to have multiple tables. The tables could be like below:


ID (Primary Key)
ProcessCode ...


ID (Primary Key)
ProcessID (Foreign Answer to ProcessTable) ...