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Do you source control your databases

We're dealing with Sitecore and normally Attach 3 standard databases to the MSSQL server. There exists a Core , Master and Web database. Within the proces of developing the various templates around the after sales of Sitecore all of us play one database and merely publish our database changes using Sitecore Content management systems. When for instance I produce a datatemplate, my collegue might find exactly the same datatemplate appear as he refreshes his "content tree". From what I have read within the publish linked above Database Source control is required if you have multiple versions of source code with various databases. Could it be required to bring our databases under source control? Searching only at that understanding that Sitecore is really handling the publication of products towards the different databases etc, and that we all work on a single database through Sitecore Content management systems, I believe this will not be needed. I am curious if there'd be any benefit of still putting the databases under version control.

Sitecore 6 introduced very awesome feature known as Item Serialization. You don't need to keep the entire database files under source control. You are able to store only the serialized versions of necessary products. Individuals are pretty straight forward text files in your file system.

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The publish you connect to, and subsequent posts, tend to be more right for custom programs in which you "own" the database. i.e. You've produced the tables, saved methods, sights, etc... I'd agree when you probably did produce a database your schema must be inside your source control. However, within the situation of the Sitecore site you don't "own" the Sitecore database schema and for that reason you shouldn't need to have it inside your source control. (I'd hope that Sitecore has got the schema in source control though p)

So, you do not own the particular database schema and should not get it in source control, but how about the templates, along with other products, you produced for the Sitecore site?

For Sitecore products inside your solution, you must have a obvious knowledge of the possession of these. The products, and templates, that ship with Sitecore aren't possessed on your part and for that reason you should not manage them inside your source control system. Nevertheless the templates you, as well as your team, create ought to be in source control!

To be able to get specific Sitecore products into Source control you should use the built-in serialization options that come with Sitecore as Yan had pointed out. You may also make use of a tool like Team Development for Sitecore to automate this method and assist with doing automated develops and deployments of the products between conditions.