What's the easiest method to design a view for any Java/Hibernate Application for an additional scenario:

There's Entity A which has someone to many relation with Entity B, Entity C and Entity D.

There's a necessity to exhibit all of the relations of Entity A in one Table within the UI.

Will it seem sensible to produce a database view and map by using hibernate.


Have the logic in Java and populate a POJO using the is a result of multiple queries done via Hibernate ?

Within the first situation, if sights are utilized, then is really a view Possible ? I've been not able to locate information on creating sights having a structure for example Entity Id, Component Id, Component Type ( where Component Id and Component Type might have values from Entity B,C,D).

Can there be something that i'm doing essentially wrong ?

FROM EntityA a
LEFT JOIN EntityB b ON a.Id = b.aId
LEFT JOIN EntityC c ON a.Id = b.aId

You can make that the view but it is virtually exactly the same factor as performing that question every time unless of course your database can optimize it in some manner (pre-compute it, etc.). I am no expert on hibernate but this can be a relatively easy query. I can not imagine any problems.