I'm in database design development phase. Application works with many customers (LARGE :))

I designed 80% of database however i have one Customers table that is attached to anything else:

Users {UserId, FirstName, LastName, Username, Password, PasswordQuestion, PasswordAnswer, Gender, RoleId, LastLoginDate etc etc}

I saw asp.internet membership database structure where Customers and Membership are two tables. My questions are:

  1. Must I play one customers table with all of customers data inside it or even more tables?
  2. If response is 'more tables', what tables to make use of? Any advice regarding how to structure relation between individuals tables?

This really is sample relation which i have, and seeking to enhance. I do not realise why user and userChild are separated tables?

The number of tables you'll need is dependent in your modeling needs.

For instance should you range from the RoleId within the Customers table then you will only have the ability to assign one role per user. Is the fact that what you would like?

Otherwise, for those who have another table connecting customers to roles, you'll have the ability to assign several role per user.