I'm attempting to apply understanding i learnt throughout statistics courses to real life datasets.

I'm searching for some real database/tables. Could be useful when the connect to page added too . Format isn't a constraint - i personally use python and that i can well become sqlite .

An example could be [one medium-sized table] of for determining country for given ip : http://ip-to-country.webhosting.info/node/view/6

Well, as your profile states you are from India, I figured some Indian Government statistics is needed, so a fast search yields this website:


Click 'Tables', you'll also find a listing more data/tables than you may need.

...these files all appear to stay in Microsoft XLS format, but another quick search yields a totally free ripper tools: http://download.cnet.com/XLS-Converter/3000-2077_4-10401513.html ...or you might operate a python program, xlrd ( http://pypi.python.org/pypi/xlrd ) and browse the files directly.