I'm presently getting an issue because the DB continues to be transformed.

I'm using Datasets for any c# application, and there's a person management system. For that security issues, our current DB design is much like

  1. user log into application.
  2. DB returns a session ID
  3. On utilization of every other saved methods, a session ID should be specified.

BUT, the DB did not request session ID before.

Since I Have am while using datasets, I made use of update/place/remove saved methods with

"TableAdaptor Configuration Wizard". Bind Instructions to Existing Saved Methods (choose saved methods to call and specify any needed parameters)

Now, it appears like I must specify session ID for Place/Update/Remove saved methods. How do you specify session ID parameter here? It appears like I must select one return parameter variable from the choose statement.

You actually would specify a session or GUID parameter for your place/update/remove saved methods. That will provide some kind of securing to ensure that you simply update/remove the most recent copy of the records. Clearly you have to give a session or GUID area for you tables. Abd yes, any time you create a switch to the actual row in database you have to clearly have an update or place on that area.