I've presently 200+ GB database that's while using DB2 built-in backup to perform a daily backup (and hopefully not restore - lol) Consider that backup now takes a lot more than 2.5 hrs to accomplish I'm considering a 3rd party Backup and Restore utility. The version is 8.2 FP 14 But I'll be moving soon to 9.1 i possess some 9.5 databases to backup and restore. Do you know the best tools you have used for this function?


One factor that can help will DB2 version 9 and switch on compression. How big the backup will decrease (by as much as 70-80% on table level) that ought to shorten the backup time. Obviously, in case your database is continuosly growing you'll soon encounter problems again, however data archiving may be the one thing for you personally.

Before searching at 3rd party tools, that we doubt is needed an excessive amount of, I'd think about a couple of optimizations.

1) Perhaps you have used REORG in your tables and indexes? This could compact the data and reduce the quantity of pages used

2) If you're able to, backup on multiple disks simultaneously. This may be easily accomplished by running db2 backup db mydb /mnt/disk1 /mnt/disk2 /mnt/disk3 ...

3) DB2 should perform a good job at fine tuning itself, but you could test out the WITH num_buffers BUFFERS, BUFFER buffer-size and PARALLELISM n options. However, usually DB2 does a more satisfactory job by itself

4) Consider carrying out daily incremental backup copies, along with a full backup once on Saturdays or Sundays

5) UTIL_IMPACT_PRIORITY and UTIL_IMPACT_LIM allow you to throttle the backup process to ensure that it does not affect your family workload an excessive amount of. This really is helpful in case your primary concern isn't the time by itself, but instead the performance of the datasever when you backup

6) DB2 9's data compression can truly do miracles if this involves reducing the length of the information that should be supported. I've come across spectacular results and would recommend it if you're able to migrate to version 9.1 or, better still, 9.5.

There actually are only two methods to make backup, and much more important recovery, improve your speed: 1. backup less data and/or 2. possess a bigger pipe towards the backup media

I believe you have lots of suggestions regarding how to reduce the quantity of data that you simply support. Essentially, you ought to be developing a backup strategy that depends on relatively infrequent full backup plus much more frequent backup copies of transformed (since last full backup) data. I encourage you to definitely have a look in the "Configure Automatic Maintenance" wizard within the DB2 Control Center. It can help you with creating automatic backup copies with other utilities like REORG that Antonio recommended. Such things as compression clearly might help as the quantity of information is reduced. However, not every DB2 models offer compression. For instance, DB2 Express-C doesn't. Frankly, doing compression on the 200GB database might not be worthwhile anyway which is strictly why free DBMS like DB2 Express-C don't offer compression.

So far as openign a larger pipe for the backup you initially need to decide if you are planning to backup to disk in order to tape. There's a large difference in speed (clearly disk is faster). Second, DB2 can paralelize backup copies. So, for those who have multiple products to to, it'll backup to these simultaneously i.e. your passed time is a lot less depending the number of products you need to throw in the problem. Again, DB2 Control Center will help you get it setup.

It isn't a "third-party" product but anybody that i've ever seen using DB2 is applying Tivoli Storage Manager to keep their database backup copies.

Most shops sets up archive logging to TSM which means you just go ahead and take "large" backup each week approximately.

Becasue it is also an IBM product you will not need to bother about it working with the different tastes of DB2 you have.

However this is an IBM product. :) Unsure in the event that ($) is important for you.