I am attempting to use DB4o with an asp.internet MVC project i am focusing on but wondering if anybody has this focusing on hosting that is shared plan, have approached discountasp and requested them plus they stated visit the forum as they weren't confident that they supported it or otherwise or any configuration that might be needed.

however the forum wont let my publish on because its all strained to simply show comments that like the feel of?

anybody had any pleasure with this particular with another host and something that runs asp.internet MVC as it ought to be run?

much appreciated


I am unfamiliar with the framework, however it appears that you could just put the DLL within the bin folder and you ought to be set. I have done a lot of projects with MVC and also the same approach to placing the DLL within the bin folder and labored without issues. The host I personally use is ReliableSite...they are cheap and do not charge $10/mo for any SQL Server database like DiscountASP does.