I'm using DBVisualizer 8..6 so when I operate a simply query like....

select * from table

It only shows the very first 1000 rows after which stops the query and shows towards the bottom left corner... "Quantity of rows restricted to maxrows"

How do you change this #? I am writing a question which must export just a little over 1000 rows but dbvisualizer has this set limit...

I attempted something similar to @set maxrows 2000 then commit then run my query. Still returns only 1000 rows. To an Oracle table.

From this page, it appears as if the utmost quantity of rows came back initially is specified inside the Tool Qualities dialog, around the General Configurations tab, up for grabs Data node within the Max Rows in the beginning Display property.

so apparently you must have DBVisualizer Personal edition to create the maxrows, that the free edition does not support. You can aquire a free trial offer though. You'll be able to run something similar to...

@set maxrows 2000; 
select * from table;

If anybody understands how to do that within the free version don't hesitate to comment, thanks.

There's a box in SQL Commander labeled Max Rows. Place it to -1 for that complete result set.

Max Rows