Sometimes for any webhost, supplying ASP.Internet 3.5 hosting. Honestly, we usually provide quite good uptime and velocity. However, we're getting problems and among our shared pools. As always, we attempt to increase the amount of webs that may encounter one pool.

Recently we're suffering continuous dangles. The procedure does not crash, but begins to exhibit OutOfMemoryExceptions or stops processing demands. We believe this really is responsability of among the programs (it is always good to understand which).

I've some memory dumps which i have processed with WinDbg. I have run f.e:

!dumpheap -stat

This process provide global memory using objects. Nothing amazing... Also I have checked:


I see various non handled threads. In individuals who're handled seems stacks like:

[HelperMethodFrame_1OBJ: 0f30e320]


0f30e3ec 7928b3ff System.Threads.WaitHandle.WaitAny(System.Threads...

0f30e40c 7a55fc89 System.Internet.TimerThread.ThreadProc()...

0f30e45c 792d6e46 System.Threads.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart_Context(System...

0f30e468 792f5781 System.Threads.ExecutionContext.runTryCode(System...

A minimum of, I've not seen exception tossing or similar (for the reason that moment). I have also had use of two scripts compiled by Tess Ferrandez for calculating the amount of periods and size. Also here not promising results. Anything peculiar or amazing (24000 bytes as average).

I must understand what type of methods are you currently usually using facing this type of problems. Maybe you have used Microsoft Support?


Excellent question, well a poor asp.internet can hang all shared web applications on a single pool...

Ok let see... if the issue is on memory, obtain the VMMap from Sysinternals, as well as the Process Explorer

Run both of them, and from Process explorer discover the PID number of pool that you want to research, its underneath the inetinfo.exe, and also have most likely the title aspnet_wordpress.exe.

Now around the VMMap add for monitoring this Pool using for assist the PID, and voila, the thing is the memory and also the open images (aspx files) that most likely are much making the issues... The files that you simply likely to see are situated on temporary of asp.internet Framework, however, you can connect them and find out from witch site they are available from.

Well if the issue is this is not on memory, however the programmer have create bad loops, as well as create thread sleeps, i quickly think process explorer is a method to investigate pools and check for what is eating the energy.


Perhaps a pool recycle every 15minute can solve this problem ?

Much more about

In individuals videos you will find lots of informations about VMMap and memory manager. Mysteries of Home windows Memory Management, Part 1, and , Part 2

You will find many tools, however it seems like your primary goal would be to determine what's leading to the issue. You can do this very simply having a binary search.

Break the pool in two, and find out which crashes. Repeat til you have a crashed pool with just one application inside it.

This really is already O(log2n), however, you can speed the procedure up randomly by dividing into a lot more than two sub-pools.