I am looking to get a backtrace from the core file produced by PHP.

I am following this guide so when I attempt to print the title of the function using:

print (char *)(executor_globals.function_state_ptr->function)->common.function_name

I recieve the mistake:

No symbol "executor_globals" in current context.

I am running GDB with:

gdb /usr/sbin/apache2 /mnt/cores/core.apache2.8315

Oddly enough, I do not have this issue while using the libapache2-mod-php5 package on Ubuntu. I needed to compile my very own PHP module to repair another problem and it is this put together module that's giving me the problem.

A search for "no symbol executor_globals" really returns results, that we find pretty strange. Shall We Be Held seriously alone to have this issue?

I wound up fixing this by producing PHP against a non-threaded Apache, effectively crippling thread safety within the PHP module that is things i wanted anyway.

More particularly, the apxs2 binary I had been indicating within the configure args was in the Ubuntu apache2-threaded-dev package, as the Apache running around the server was prefork, not threaded. And So I just needed to install the apache2-prefork-dev package rather and recompile and that i was all set.