It is possible to way or at best a workaround on hiding default webmail web addresses or crippling access webmail web addresses so customers won't have the ability to change their passwords?

Website is PHP based and it is using apache server within hosting that is shared account. The truth is that will let customers access the primary panel where they are able to change their individual passwords. We don't need this. Most solutions indicate altering httpd.conf which we're not permitted to alter as this is on the hosting that is shared service.

I am searching for a minimum of a workaround for this problem. What about crippling it through their browsers if my client is within network server, this is a good workaround is not it? or what are the more suggestions apart from this?

Help. This really is my urgent problem.

Thanks greatly!

Should you desired to direct all demands to "" to "" (composed URL here - I am presuming you are taking these to another page).

Give a ".htaccess" file using the following rule:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^webmail/ /webmail/address/ [NC,R=301]

Alternate solution...

The page that is available at "" - you can look into the address within this page and set a redirect header towards the page you would like them to visit...

if ($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] == '') {

It is crucial that this code goes close to the very first page, before you decide to have echo'd or print'd almost anything to the output buffer.