I've installed wordpress multisites during my directory, things are working perfectly except the truth that the primary page from the sister sites shows "Default Website Page" error and redirects me to "http://geek.thelazy.info/cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi".

The mistake happens only if I open geek.thelazy.info and also at specific places (this is not on places not even close to here), and just after i open the primary page. Whatsoever other pages say like geek.thelazy.info/devashish site works no matter anything.

Any clues regarding how to solve this issue?

I believe the answer would be to watch for a couple of days. This assisted me. But, I don't know let's say there's every other workaround in the server side too since it is not necessarily trivial to place an active site lower for 1-a couple of days.