I've been used the Google Application Engine for multiple hobby projects and that i have even released a couple of of these and setup connected domain names with moderate success. From the couple of, among individuals applications even uses sub-domain mapping.

Regardless of the multiple setup attempts, I've still had a little of difficulty establishing my domain names for brand new projects and I have needed to mix-reference multiple help articles (many available on SO). Some occasions individuals solutions, however, are near to what I have needed due to setup mistakes or versions during my application.

Despite a little of expertise, still it feels as though I am hacking the domain implementation together because there's not good start-to-finish setup for any GAE application which involves creating the required Google Applications application, the Application engine application, domain registration and DNS setup.

So, could someone please provide a high-level walk-through of establishing a GAE application from beginning to end using the following needs.


  • A website should indicate the GAE application
  • The applying should permit sub-domain integration, pointing to various application handlers.
  • Can dynamic sub-domain names easily be handled within the application? If that's the case, what should you do within the setup process to make sure that demands for your domain are submitted towards the GAE application?
  • Forward "Naked" domain demands are submitted right place. (You will find multiple reaction to this requirement. What's the ultimate way to fixing this requirement.)
  • Should you must produce a Google Applications application, when if it is produced? Include this within the instruction list in the appropriate place.

Again, most of the above needs happen to be requested on many forums, including that one. Usually it comes down from somebody that is in the center of an issue establishing there domain using their application. A few of these needs can be simply satisfied if certain "gotchas" are prevented in early stages of setup or application needs are slightly modified to operate around (or with) the restrictions from the GAE.

The bottom line is, what I am searching for is an extremely simple, easy response providing you with a listing of steps ought to be adopted to be able to setup a website having a GAE application.

Thanks gurus.

All the steps are independent - establishing a Google Applications account is identical whether you are likely to add an Application Engine application into it or otherwise - except mapping the domain, that is recorded here. Domain registration and DNS setup is dependent in your registrar, so you cannot write a universal help guide to individuals. Handling subdomains inside your application, meanwhile, is one thing that isn't Application Engine specific - it is simply standard WSGI (or Servlets, based on language).