I've a credit card applicatoin in which I produce a SQLite database for storing user information. So I have to possess a option, to ensure that an individual can send application with other person Using the db. How do you get it done?

I suppose you are speaking in regards to a web application which stores data using sqlite within the user's browser on their own phone.

There'd be not a way to accept data in one user's (user1) sqlite database and send it straight to another user (user2). However, you can try to transfer the items in the database to some server application, make individuals contents open to another user.

Use a quantity of techniques to transmit the information from user1 towards the server. You could utilize an Ajax Publish towards the server (when the server is on a single domain), develop a form to Publish the information, etc.

Delivering user2 the information could be easy. Choose a format to provide the information in (JSON most likely), send the information in the server to user2, and also have a script in user2's browser browse the data and Place it to their local sqlite storage.