I'm a new comer to android development and, I wish to develop a credit card applicatoin for android, which will send data to my website, (for instance longitude &lifier latitude), my question is how you can send data from android and just how to obtainOrcatch it on website.

This may help. Just a good example Used to do not long ago delivering acceleration data to server and so i could keep data right into a mysql database. To transmit data to server you could do this this:

private void sendData(ArrayList<NameValuePair> data)

Scribe data. 3) Send data.


    world wide web.blah.com/AddAccelerationData.php")

        httppost.setEntity(new UrlEncodedFormEntity(data))

        HttpResponse response = httpclient.execute(httppost)

        Log.i("postData", response.getStatusLine().toString())

            //Could make a move better with response.


    catch(Exception e)


then to transmit allows say:

private void sendAccelerationData(String userIDArg, String dateArg, String timeArg,

        String timeStamp, String accelX, String accelY, String accelZ)

so then your AddAccelerationData.php file on server is:



 * What this file does could it be:

 * 1) Produces link with database.

 * 2) Retrieve the information being send.

 * 3) Add the retrieved data to database.

 * 4) Close database connection.


require_once '../Connection.php' //connect with a database/disconnect handler.

require_once '../SendAPI.php' //handles delivering querys.

$server = new Connection()

$send = new Send()

//Connect with database.


//Retrieve the information.

$userID = $_Publish['userID']

$date = $_Publish['date']

$time = $_Publish['time']

$accelX = $_Publish['accelX']

$accelY = $_Publish['accelY']

$accelZ = $_Publish['accelZ']

//Add data to database. //Personal approach to query and increase database.

$send->sendAccelerationData($userID, $date, $time, $timeStamp, $accelX, $accelY, $accelZ)

//Disconnect from database.



It is really an example I made use of lately. Simply to note within the php file. I import Connection.php this just handles the bond towards the database. So just replace by using your code for hooking up to MYSQL db. Also I imported SendAPI.php (which you'll just ignore)It was just my class for delivering data. Essentially it contained a few of the querys I needed to make use of. For example sendAccelerationData(). Essentially class looked like those of saved methods.