Have anybody ever used Delphi with NoSQL databases like Mongo, CouchDB varieties? Which can you recommend?

For Mongo, theres TMongoWire and pebongo (initial phases). For couchDB, In my opinion you might interact mainly through HTTP/JSON For Cassandra, In my opinion the best choice is always to in some way add a supported language within your Delphi application and employ that to have interaction with Cassandra, otherwise implement an internet service inside a supported language making it available to your Delphi application.

Hope it will help.

Delphi has couple of native NoSQL database solutions right-out-of-the-box:

  • BDE &lifier Paradox &lifier dBase with the TDatabase &lifier TTable API
  • TClientDataSet.

Not too I would recommend them, however, you haven't listed your needs.