I've got a simple site, that utilizes just four HTML pages. One page includes a <div id=main_container /> element. In the GWT application I personally use the RootPanel.get("main_container") to gain access to that element. The GWT application uses GWT-RPC for connecting to some server (designed in java). My problem is how you can test drive it on xampp, if I compile the GWT application and upload the war files and set within it the 4 HTML files, i quickly can access all the pages except the one which consists of the <div> element. I want outside assistance here!

If you work with GWT-RPC, additionally you need an Application Server like jetty or tomcat. Apache alone isn't enough. If you're working on your application, there's no requirement for apache as possible run all of your web application in DevMode or simply jetty.

Being produced what for you to do is to establish Apache like a proxy for your web application running on jetty. Simply to be obvious, you can't operate a GWT application which uses GWT-RPC of all shared host conditions.