HI All,

There exists a .Internet 2. application with a MySQL after sales. You want to have the ability to deploy MySQl and also the DB whenever we install the applying and im trying to get the best solution. The present setup would be to copy the needed files to some folder around the local machine after which execute a "Internet START" instructions to set up and begin the mysql service. Only then do we restore a backup from the DB for this recently produced mysql instance using softball bat files. It is not a perfect solution whatsoever and im attempting to develop some thing robust.

The problems are User privileges on Vista, and many types of small things around setting up and beginning the service. Its way too fragile to become reliable or at best it seems this way after i am testing it. This can be a Client/Server type setup therefore we only have to install one Server per office but i wish to make certain its as straight forward as you possibly can with as couple of screens as you possibly can.

How does one get it done?

Make use of an installer having a exercised script. Any installer like Smart, InstallShield, InnoSetup, etc will most likely do.

Unsure where you are at within the project, but when it is a easy and small database you may consider transforming it to SQLite. It isn't well suited for Client/Server procedures, but when it's low volume/transactions it could work.

We required another approach about this. We make MySQL xcopy-able, by writting a wrapper to create the configuration file(my.ini) before calling MySQL (to properly setup the bottom path and so forth). Only then do we written another service installed while using standard setup. This particular service will require proper care of beginning MySQL along with other needed background program (within our situation Apache) for all of us. Because the MySQL is deploy by us, we desired to have full treatments for it.

Having a Client/Sever setup, you are permitted to want that whomever installs the server do the installation being an admin. Which should solve much of your problems.

Again- this is the server. The clients may be another story.