Wondered if anybody available has any experience of implementing a Zend community application towards the cloud (e.g. AWS or similar)?

I am a new comer to cloud hosting getting been lucky previously to dedicate yourself people that have devoted servers, my primary concern (non-zend specific) is when you manage resilience in the database level? For instance I'd inside a traditional setup have 2 boxes running the DB (Mysql) in Master/Slave mode using the master replicating towards the slave. Presuming any HD failure from the Master I possibly could swap the DB connection over in the Master towards the slave and rebuild master in a later point? is done in a different way within the cloud?

Any help/pointers greatly appreciated?

It is dependent on the kind of cloud service that you employ. If you are using AWS to obtain your personal virtual machine ( Amazon . com EC2 ) then it is essentially just like getting a devoted server and you will have a master slave setup and work them exactly the same.

However, should you intend on using Amazon's cloud database service ( Amazon . com Simple DB ) then it's not necessary to be worried about masters and slaves since Amazon . com performs this for you personally and makes certain that a person always has use of your computer data. The only real factor is the fact that it's in beta.

Among the points from the cloud would be to take the mind from the hardware. Amazon . com worries about this.

You'll probably still wish to have two virtual machines just in case amazon . com does maintenance that may cause your vm being not available, however, Amazon . com stresses that it might be highly available and not go lower really, as long as you have to pay.