I have very less experience of Joomla. I am going to produce a joomla component. I have learned about the MVC structure in component development. What's the most practical way to follow along with? 1)Using simple component development or 2) using MVC Can there be any problems basically uses the first?

In most cases MVC causes it to be simpler that you should later expand the component. You will possibly not think now that it'll be needed but it's a typical situation inside it that the client all of a sudden has new needs. With MVC presenting individuals new needs is a lot simpler because of the separation from the code and design.

An additional to doing the work in MVC is it is a great chance that you should learn. Understanding and knowledge about the MVC pattern has become a advantage for just about any webmaster.

When you are battling sooner or later, I'll recommend Mastering Joomla the industry great reference for Joomla designers.

Learning Joomla is a superb book for learning the MVC. It is also worth installing a hello world example MVC component - something similar to http://www.mightyextensions.com/knowledge-base/joomla-tutorials/item/developer-center/44-component-mvc-ajax/758-joomla-hello-world-mvc-component-tutorial but you will find lots around to assist.

here's reference link that describe each &lifier my way through quite simple way

Joomla Component
Another link with example
request me if u have doubts, i've just learnd to grow component, please share your understanding also.


do this link joomla-component-creator.

It's helpful to learn how to produce a joomla component.

There you will get a joomla component. you will get help there by clicking more information.

Hope useful.