Can you really personalize a Joomla submenu? This short article discusses submenu products:

What I have to do is produce the submenu products with a lot more DIVs along with other HTML elements around them and also have them appear elsewhere around the page (in a roundabout way underneath the primary menu). In Advanced Module Parameters, place the "_menu" in Module Class Suffix to include CSS but how can you add DIVs along with other HTML elements to produce a custom submenu?


I believe you are able to download some menu extension came from here: .

[ management systems/designing-joomla-templates.htm][1]

I'm not sure just how much you understand Joomla so I am gonna start you served by this link to inform you where one can access the HTML.

If you are using Mozilla Opera I recommend getting an add-on known as "Firebug" so that you can inspect an internet site that runs Joomla and it has a personalized menu with sub-menus to obtain a peek at the way the HTML is structured for his or her menu. Should they have what you are searching for. To achieve the submenus appear elsewhere around the page it truly is dependent on where you would like them to appear.

You might want to setup a menu with submenus on every single page within the specific sections you have to place them. However at that time all you want do is simply add the hyperlink of in which the submenu would get you and put it wherever you would like within the page.

Hope this can help but when not would you elaborate on where and just how you need to create submenus in separate regions of the page? I am a little confused otherwise.