I've the next system:

Home windows Server '03
IIS 6 (shoot me)
PHP 5.2.14
Wordpress 3..1

I have added Wordpress for an existing high-traffic site, inside a directory we'll call


For mod_rewrite-like features, I am using Helicon's ISAPI_Rewrite 3.1..76. I am utilizing it make it possible for "pretty" permalinks within the Wordpress install. The only rule is:

RewriteRule ^/wordpress/(?!index.php)(?!wordpress)([^.]*)$ /wordpress/index.php/$1 [I,L]

I have to add another rule, however, nor of my dual methods of thinking it through and bashing it through has borne fruit.

My website is really a fully bilingual one. You will find no pages that are not under among the two following subdirectories:

http://thehost/en/ for British, and

http://thehost/sp/ for The spanish language.

This can be a convention I goal to keep, for the Wordpress install. I presently possess a somewhat compromised version of WPML (Wordpress Multilingual wordpress plugin) operating, and delay pills work so that all pages and posts—regardless from the language—include either the /en/ or even the /sp/ within the URL. It has brought me to think I'm achingly close—perhaps just one RewriteRule away!—to making my Wordpress Web addresses comply with exactly the same URL convention because the relaxation of my website. My problem though, as referred to, is the fact that I can not quite get results.

So, basically have this URL somewhere during my Wordpress install:


how do i change it to


while not losing Wordpress's permalinks? I have handled to swap the /en/ to the correct location (^/en/wordpress/(.*) /wordpress/en/$1), however i can't obtain the two rules to experience nicely together. That's my problem. Well, might a couple of others not right for stackoverflow.com.

Interesting time.

Try chaining the guidelines using the "C" Flag. Example:

RewriteRule ^/en/wordpress/(.*) /wordpress/en/$1 [C]
RewriteRule ^/wordpress/(?!index.php)(?!wp)([^.]*)$ /wordpress/index.php/$1 [I,L]