I understand it's difficult not to allow a person to download an mp3 file with the various techniques available. But I am stuck in times where i have to make things a little more private/secure for my clients.

Here's my problem, I am presently by using this expensive music player http://www.flabell.com/flash/Flash-Mp3-Player-29 to stream/take part in the tunes. The ball player uses xml for configurations &lifier playlist. I am also using WordPress &lifier the S2Member wordpress plugin.

I am attempting to permit the player to experience tunes and yet do not let customers to download/opening the direct links towards the files. (eg: tunes are situated at domain.com/player/tunes/*.mp3, script is within an amount up). It is possible to htaccess approach to deny immediate access and yet allow (local) scripts to call the file?

Also, I pointed out about S2Member wordpress plugin for WordPress.

The WordPress wordpress plugin includes a built-in restriction to as where drenched in customers can download files which are hidden from open access. So to be able to download an audio lesson, u'll need to use domain.com/s2script_download?file=mysong.mp3.

The folder that hosts the files includes a .htaccess having a "Deny All" inside it. Can you really reuse this folder to experienceOrflow tunes using the expensive player pointed out above?

To the very best of my understanding this is not possible. Yes, you can deny accessibility outdoors world, while permitting use of local scripts. But Expensive is not a nearby script. Everything being equal, a Expensive application asking for personal files is the same as a browser asking for personal files. You cannot block one without obstructing another.

The only real solution that even involves my thoughts is getting the Expensive application request the file having a special query string, i.e. /somesong.mp3?fromflash. Off beam that will not stop many people from obtaining the song, however it could stop many people.