I've got a wordpress shortcode which consists of another shortcodes within it. Once the first shortcode is performed i wish to remove other shortcodes utilizing a regex.

   [sub_code id='testid']test content[/sub_code]
   [sub_code id='testid' name='testname']test content[/sub_code]

After i execute the primary_code i wish to filter the sub_code into an assortment and access its characteristics without performing sub_code like a shortcode.

Anybody that has understanding to provide us a option would be highly appriciated.

If you wish to match the interior parts, then I'd advise:

preg_match_all('~\[sub_code([^\[\]]*)]([^\[\]]+)\[/sub_code]~', $content, $result);

The [^\[\]] matches any content without square brackets. Therefore it is made certain not one other shortcodes can exist within.