This really is much more of an hardware question than the usual software one but nonetheless...: I must possess a server in your own home to experienceOrtest by using it. The usages is always to host my very own databases (bzr, svn, etc), possess a small webserver to host a wiki/trac for my own programming projects along with a ftp to host files.

So I am thinking about purchasing a little PC however it this environmental concerned occasions that we are residing in I would love to possess a small energy consumption! So any suggestions about things i should purchase?


This website has some suprisingly low cost and low energy computer systems, which are x86 as well! These will not be any speed demon computer systems, but when you want to apply it light home usage for example repository and ftp serving, you ought to be fine.

Here is really a computer that operates on about 5 w... You can run 12 around the energy it requires to operate a lamp!

Might be better to utilize a shared service rather than the usual devoted home server than will be switch on even if no longer working. Discussing a server enables you to employ the computacional energy you'll need rather than wasting it on a standby computer.

I suggest for setting your server.