I'm thinking about adding your blog to my Ruby on Rails application. I don't want down the sink time coding up a bloggin application in rails - I'm able to get it done however i just prefer some thing robust.

I've looked into Wordpress also it appears like among the best bloggin platforms available. My real question is wouldso would I recieve Wordpress built-into my website? I'd ideally prefer to use my existing rails designs and CSS. Is this kind of factor even possible.

My website is http://www.arenpatel.com/ so that as an finish result I must have a similar Rails produced sidebar (Twitter feed) around the blog.

Maybe there's a Rails option to Wordpress?

Just help!

I am not sure how good php and ruby play together underneath the same directory therefore the easies way i see would be to host a Wordpress blog within subdomain, for instance, http://blog.arenpatel.com/.

You'll obviously need to write you have (or alter a current) theme for wordpress to be able to allow it to be look the way in which your rails application does. Read about it here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Development

For your twitter feed you will find a lot of plug ins for wordpress perform the same factor. All you'll have to do would be to style it via css.


You are able to integrate a jekyll style blog with markdown files for blogs effortlessly while using rails engine Postmarkdown.

Edit: Up-to-date URL.

To integrate Wordpress, install Wordpress inside a subdirectory, like /blog. So you'd have http://arenpatel.com/blog. Result in the Wordpress blog's webpage the index / top of the page from the Wordpress installation. You would need to by hand port your layout in certain shape or fashion in to the Wordpress theme. I can not think about a great way to share that, especially any dynamic code. You can share exactly the same css utilizing an @import statement within the Wordpress theme's style.css (a needed file). Wordpress works fine within this screnario.

I do not think there's anything within the Ruby world that does everything Wordpress does, but maybe that isn't necessary inside your situation???