I am using symfony 1.4 for my web project.

I've the next problem (or chance): I have to produce a calendar in which the "common" user only has a chance to see (or read) the time and date from the occasions and also the "admin" user can edit, add and take away new occasions. Therefore it is essentially a google calendar kind of factor where I must different permissions, read and browse, write, remove.

Also I have to have the ability to fully personalize a calendar style to ensure that It matches my css.

Wouldso would your approach this issue? I have been trying to get the best wordpress plugin with this endeavor however i haven't found one which with a decent documentation

Thanks ahead of time!

I suggest FullCalendar jQuery wordpress plugin. It provides you with excellent JavaScript calendar with drag&drop support. You should use your personal CSS style.

Around the server side create symfony actions which will return data to FullCalendar API. Just serialize the information to JSON Event Object.

Obviously you need to use symfony security aspect of restrict read/write access. Show only individuals occasions that customers should have the ability to see. And do not allow them to access write actions when they do not have write permission.

To handle event data you may either create after sales admin module or display your personal form when user click calendar (like Google Calendar does). If you want the 2nd approach then you've to deal with it in JavaScript.

I recommend to construct 2 programs for your.

  1. frontend (read/see)
  2. after sales (admin)

Go using the normal symfony approach.. define your models, generate frontend (inkl. modules). There you are able to adjust you templates and css.

Practicle open book where one can pick the subjects you'll need

Then make use of the admin-generator to find the after sales application. You are able to personalize behaviors and styling obviously.