A potential customer wants to possess a calendar feature online. They need the choice to visit edit this calendar to update the occasions. Does Word Press offer something similar to this?

There's additionally a PEAR package for calendaring: http://pear.php.net/package/calendar

I second the embeddable Google Calendar. They're super easy to handle in addition to combine it with the HTML. If you're searching for a Wordpress specific solution particularly have a look at this plugin.

I am unsure if Wordpress has which include but I know of the Calendar class for PHP that's quite simple, simple to apply and incredibly simple to style. Browse the tutorial, here.

Seems like you may be trying to find this.

I have seen people use Google Calendar with this. You'll be able to easily embed google cal inside your webpages. Also, if others use Google Cal they are able to add evens for their calendars.


Update: Appears like this wordpress plugin will be getting google cal into Wordpress if that is what you are searching for :