Let me build a credit card applicatoin that, on interval, it inspections for tweets that contains a specific hashtag, and produces a person Wordpress publish for every tweet it finds.

What's the easiest method to do that? Exist existing plug ins/tools available, or must i write my very own custom wordpress plugin?

I have had phone plug ins available, and that i don't believe that there's one which suits me. The plug ins that I have seen either display your personal latest tweets and make posts from their store, or just display the most recent posts for given hashtags.

What I wish to do is look for tweets that contains certain key phrases (for any competition), and make up a publish for all these tweets - not really a digest - no matter the writer. If anybody knows of the wordpress plugin that does make a move similar, please tell me.

Alternatively, I suppose I'll try modifying or stretching TwitterTools or beginning on your own...

Twitter Tools is among the better Free Twitter plug ins for WordPress.

  • Enables you to definitely display numerous latest tweets.
  • Can dynamically create weekly/daily digest posts concerning the tweet
  • Provides you with a chance to publish tweets in the Wordpress admin interface

I have tried on the extender on numerous projects, certainly recommend.

Lots to select from already: Search twitter › WordPress Plugins